10 floating bed designs that will blow your mind

10 floating bed designs that will blow your mind

10 floating bed designs that will blow your mind

10 stunning floating bed frame ideas that will take your bedroom goals to a new level. Don’t you believe us? Visit the blog for more information.


Bedrooms are the room where we spend most of our time. Many memories are related to the bedroom, waking up early in the morning, evening tea, and reading the night lamp night book. Your bedroom would benefit enormously from the elegance and modernity of a floating bed frame.


Its striking shape gives the impression of a bed floating in the air and makes it an eye-catcher. There are multiple variants available, whether you want a rustic pallet bed frame or a minimalist platform.


Check out 10 superb floating bed designs that can turn your bedroom into a chic retreat.

10 floating bed designs that will blow your mind

Minimalist floating bed

The simple, minimalist platform bed emphasizes clean lines and understated style. Thanks to the hidden support, it looks like a bed floating above the ground. The subdued atmosphere of the room provides a calming effect on the mind.

Floating pallet-like bed

For a rustic, clean look, get a floating bed frame made from recycled wooden pallets. They can be assembled into a platform bed frame after you have painted or stained them in your preferred finish. You can also add side tables with matching lamps to brighten them up. While pallet beds may not be that durable on their own, creating a bed frame that mimics their appearance is the way to go for a sturdier option.

Mid-century floating bed frame

A striking focal point for your bedroom can be created by combining the grace of mid-century modern design with the idea of a floating bed. Choose a platform bed frame with clean lines and tapered legs to achieve the desired aesthetic. Complement the space with other mid-century pieces for a cohesive look.

Floating bed with LED lights

Would you like to return to a room that exudes a cozy atmosphere? It’s surprisingly easy. All you have to do is attach LED lights to the floating bed frame for a touch of modern, experimental flair. Warm, yellow ambient lighting in your bedroom can calm the mind after a busy day. These LED strips around the bed frame create a soft light and are extremely easy to install. What’s not to love about this DIY idea?

10 floating bed designs that will blow your mind

Floating bed for children

A floating bunk bed can be a practical and fashionable solution for people with limited space or for children sharing a room. This design makes the most of floor space while maintaining a modern style through the suspension concept with a spacious play area.

Upholstered floating bed frame

An upholstered floating bed frame is a good choice if comfort is important to you. Choose a padded and soft headboard that extends seamlessly to the sides for the illusion of a bed suspended in mid-air.

Sofa with floating bed frame

A floating bed frame that converts into a sofa is both functional and stylish. This design is ideal for people who are short on space and need multifunctional pieces of furniture. Push it back or roll it out whenever you like.

Floating platform bed with storage

A floating platform bed with a shelf underneath is a great option when you need more storage. Small bedrooms or people who value organization and minimalism will benefit most from this design.

10 floating bed designs that will blow your mind

Wooden floating bed design

This urban, floating wooden bed design uses frames that are finished with dark stains for a grounded, earthy look. The unfinished look without varnish is possible for a more natural look or if you want to add a distinctly rustic touch to your bedroom.

Modern floating bed design

A design masterpiece, this timeless floating bed offers great stability and will completely transform your bedroom. Pair it with light colored furniture or a more muted hue to keep the atmosphere calm and chic – the choice is yours. Adding complementary wall colors ties the furniture to the walls, making the space appear larger and a treat for the senses.

In summary, floating bed designs offer a unique and fascinating way to emphasize the elegance and modernity of any bedroom. With various options available, from minimalist platforms to rustic pallet-like frames, each design adds its own charm and character to the space.


The illusion of a bed floating in mid-air adds an eye-catching element that can serve as a striking focal point for the room. In addition, practical features such as LED lights, storage options and convertible designs add functionality and aesthetics.


Whether you prefer a mid-century touch, a cozy and warm ambiance with LED lights, or a practical solution to limited space, these floating bed designs cater to different tastes and needs.


By incorporating a floating bed into your bedroom, you can create a chic retreat that not only provides a comfortable sleeping environment, but also becomes a place to make precious memories and spend quality time. With a touch of creativity and the right choice of design, your bedroom can become a true sanctuary of style and relaxation.