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How to plan dining room style design for your home

Nowadays, a dining room is more than just putting together a dining table and chairs. It is an integral part of your home’s interior design, where you not only enjoy your meals but also create incredible memories. If you plan the dining room style properly, you can transform the dining room in your home into nothing less than your favorite gourmet restaurant.

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wooden bed design ideas to consider for your bedroom this year

A wooden bed design is made from solid, lightweight wood and then stained/polished with a paint/chemical of your choice to give it a smooth feel. It is robust, looks aesthetic, combines compactness and comfort, and is also multifunctional. It is an essential piece of furniture in the bedroom that can make a big difference in your good night’s sleep. There are many configurations of wooden beds, e.g. E.g. round beds, folding beds, wooden divan beds, etc.


Sink designs for the dining room

Sink designs for the dining room

What would a dining room be without a sink? A sink allows you to quickly wash the food off your hands after each meal. It is indeed a privilege to have a sink in your dining room. Sinks are a convenience everyone deserves – imagine life without them. Without a sink, we would need a bowl and mug to wash the dirt off our hands. If you have a new home or a house that needs a new sink installed in the dining room, we at Design Café are here to help. We have a new blog post about sink designs for the dining room.

15 aesthetic room decor ideas that are trending in 2023

Are you looking for aesthetic room decoration ideas? Then you are exactly right here. In this blog post, we highlight some design tips and tricks that have been tried and tested by so many Indian homeowners. These ideas can work for everyone, regardless of decor style or budget. The best part? These tips go beyond wall paint and wallpaper and can make all the difference in your bedroom.

15 aesthetic room decor ideas that are trending in 2023
10 floating bed designs that will blow your mind


Bedrooms are the room where we spend most of our time. Many memories are related to the bedroom, waking up early in the morning, evening tea, and reading the night lamp night book. Your bedroom would benefit enormously from the elegance and modernity of a floating bed frame.

Its striking shape gives the impression of a bed floating in the air and makes it an eye-catcher. There are multiple variants available, whether you want a rustic pallet bed frame or a minimalist platform.

Check out superb floating bed designs that can turn your bedroom into a chic retreat.


Transforming a small outdoor space like a balcony into a stylish and comfortable retreat with a simple yet effective DIY balcony decoration may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! With creativity and basic DIY skills, you can enhance your balcony area and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Read on to discover simple DIY balcony decoration ideas that will help you create a beautiful outdoor retreat that you will enjoy spending time in. From adding greenery and lighting to creating a cozy seating area, these stylist-recommended ideas will help you make the most of your balcony space. So let’s dive in!

Small Space, Big Style Easy DIY balcony decor ideas for every style


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Textiles and rugs

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