10 stunning color combinations to paint your home’s exterior

10 stunning color combinations to paint your home's exterior

10 stunning color combinations to paint your home's exterior

The interior design journey of a home begins on the surface of the home. When designing the exterior of a home, the three main components are the exterior paint of the home, the roof design, and the porch.


The choice of color combinations for the exterior of the house depends on the location of the house and the environment. Allow us to show you some great suggestions for color combinations for house exterior painting.

1. A touch of blue and gray: classic color combination for house exterior painting

Our first color combination suggestion for the exterior of the house is this modern white house that is both minimalist and stunning. This colored paint makes your home look clean and gives it a cooling effect – ideal for tropical regions.


When we say white, you can choose different shades from this color family. White Dove is a soft white with a warm gray tone; There are warm white, bright white, pearl white, etc.


You can choose colors like brown, blue and gray for the exterior paintwork of your house. In the picture, the blue of the shutters and window panes gives a calming contrast to the plain white exterior color. Brown is combined with the white color as the marble brick cladding, giving a natural touch to the house. You can try this one if you have a contemporary architecture house like this one.

10 stunning color combinations to paint your home's exterior

2. Decide on a terracotta crush color combination for the exterior of your home

Don’t hesitate to experiment with unconventional colors like this light, plain terracotta with the occasional splash of white. You can see that the main color scheme of this home is simple terracotta, which gives a warm, homey vibe. The color creates an organic atmosphere that blends perfectly with a green lawn environment. The white defines the borders. Both colors together have a soft radiance, which is further enhanced by the roof shingles. This color combination for the house facade is more relevant for Indian bungalows and colonial style house designs.

3. A very peripheral color combination for the exterior color of the house

Very Peri is Pantone’s color for 2022. The color has a vibrant vibe. Very Peri is a great color choice as it pairs easily with colors like white and brown. You can also use two shades of the Very Peri shade – one lighter than the other – to highlight different aspects of your home. This color is a trendy choice and would look great in Indian homes.

4. Turquoise Blue and White: Perfect color combination for small house for house exterior painting

Blue is the most calming color on the spectrum. It reduces stress and inspires a sense of serenity. The house has an exterior siding design where blue is the main color and white on the windows and doors. This combination of turquoise blue and white makes for a serene, beautiful sight that will enhance the appearance of your home. This house exterior color is great for bungalow or cottage style homes.

10 stunning color combinations to paint your home's exterior

5. Yellow and gray color combinations for exterior painting of houses

Yellow instantly puts you in a positive mood; Therefore, for the exterior color of the house, you can choose yellow or any of its shades. Our house color is mustard yellow, gray roof shingles and white windows and doors.


Yellow always goes well with gray and white tones; However, you can refrain from using white on the roof as it could be eye-catching, especially in bright sunny places.

6. Red and Stone White Color Combinations: Unconventional but classy

This small house with garage space is ideal for a small family. The house uses clay red as the dominant color with a dash of stone white. Both the clay red and stone white colors are natural colors; Therefore, they reflect a sustained soothing vibe that keeps you calm and relaxed. This color combination for the exterior of a house also goes well with a natural environment. The home also uses dark brown for the garage shop and roof shingles, which pairs well with the clay red and stone white palette.

7. Olive green and brown color combination for house exterior painting

This real artisan house blends in with nature in olive green, creating an impressive landscape. The olive green brings tranquility to the home and gives the whole place a restful vibe. This color scheme is preferable for suburban areas with green surroundings. The home also features brown shingles that complete the woodsy look of the bungalow. White has been used for the doors and window frames, giving more brightness to this house.

10 stunning color combinations to paint your home's exterior

8. Pink and Dark Gray - A fun color combination for the exterior of houses

If you think pink exterior paint can be overwhelming, you haven’t tried the right color combinations yet! This home features a color combination of pink, white and dark gray that adds drama to the exterior of this small cottage style home. The pink lights up the place and the white complements it. But the dark gray roof softens the pink tinge and perfectly harmonizes the colors. If pink isn’t your thing, you can also choose a purple wall color that gives a similar appeal.

9. Mix a color combination of blue, gray, white and red for the exterior of your home

This blue oasis is brighter with exciting combinations of white, gray and red. The house features two shades of blue: the brick walled upper section is a brighter blue and the vinyl wall paneling is a dull blue. Both shades of blue show a two-tone effect that breaks up the monotony in the exterior design of the house. As a vibrant accent, white is used in the windows, door frames and pillars, while the red front door is an accent design element throughout the facility.

10. How about a cream and brown color combination for the exterior of a house?

This is the most ideal and subtle color combination for the exterior painting of houses. The cream color covers most of the house and gives it a restful image. Dark brown defines the window frames of the home, while light brown occupies the front porch area and blends perfectly with the cream exterior color. This color combination is more suitable for single family homes to enhance the appearance of the home with some front yard greenery.

In summary, choosing the right combination of colors for the exterior of your home can significantly affect the overall look and make a lasting impression. The proposed color combinations for the exterior of houses take into account different preferences and architectural styles, offering a range of options for different environments.


From the classic touch of blue and gray to the unconventional charm of terracotta crush and the trendy peri tone, each combination brings its unique personality to the exterior of the house. Turquoise blue and white exude serenity and beauty, while yellow and gray exude positivity and calm.


For a more natural and soothing atmosphere, olive green and brown, as well as the mix of blue, grey, white and red offer interesting possibilities. The combination of pink and dark gray adds drama and fun, while cream and brown are a subtle and sophisticated option.


Whether you prefer modern, traditional homes or cottage style homes, these stunning color combinations have something for everyone. Remember to consider the surroundings and architectural elements of your home to ensure the colors you choose blend in with the surroundings.


By choosing the perfect color combination for the exterior of your home, you can increase its appeal and create a welcoming and beautiful space that reflects your personal style and taste. Get inspiration from these ideas and transform the exterior of your home into an intriguing and eye-catching place to stay.