Make room for dining with these fold out table design ideas

Make room for dining with these fold out table design ideas

Our unique and incredibly fascinating folding table design ideas for your home.

Home decor is fun. Decorating the house and making everything attractive and functional is something that everyone desires. However, if you have a small home where space is at a premium and you don’t want to compromise on style, our curated collection of these folding tables will come to your rescue. But first: What is a folding table? Well, it’s pretty self-explanatory. It is a table with a fixed section in the middle and a top (hinged section) on either side that can be folded down or folded down.


Find everything from a round solid wood dining table with a top, a folding dining table with a butterfly shape drop leaf, a balcony table with a drop leaf, a large wall table with a drop leaf, a bar table with a drop leaf and much more! We have attached a variety of design samples of different shapes, sizes and colors. However, dive into this blog and you will never have to give up one for the other!

Make room for dining with these fold out table design ideas

Solid wood folding table for two

If you’re curious what a large wooden drop leaf wall mounted design looks like, check out this one. It is a beautiful dining table for two with a solid black base that makes it sturdy and functional. This antique folding dining table is simple, a little bit rustic, a little bit industrial and a little bit modern – with just the right amount of nonchalance. When the leaves are folded down, it makes the perfect bistro-style table in a dining area.

Yellow wall-mounted folding table

Finding furniture solutions for small spaces is complex, and when it comes to compact dining, here’s your chance to shine. Get this solid yellow leafwood coffee table for your home and make your space versatile (and ultra-functional). This wall-mounted box-frame drop-leaf table features a beautiful and sustainably-crafted tabletop and seats two to three guests. A dining table and console table in one – what’s not to love? And the best thing about it: It is suitable for smaller households that like to be hosts.

Make room for dining with these fold out table design ideas

Drop leaf functional table with chairs

Next, in our dining table leaf designs for your home decor, we bring you stunning vintage drop square coffee table with matte texture finish. This creates a great decoration for your living room! The classic mix of white and brown in the chair is easy on the wallet. Feel free to add some seeds, flower pots and designer lamps and modernize the thoughtful, vibrant look. In addition, the built-in shelves are perfect for storing placemats, dishes and other commonly used kitchen items. And the wooden furniture gives you a lot of freedom in choosing the style of the chair.

Make room for dining with these fold out table design ideas

Modern round dining table with leaf

Create an atmosphere of complexity with this timeless wooden folding table design. One look is enough to cast a spell on someone. As elegant and sophisticated as it looks, it offers what one desires most in innovative interior design: intelligent use of space. Depending on your needs, you can put some exotic plant pots, flower vases or other accessories on it to add a fuller and more precious look to the decoration. All in all, it makes your space look competent and creative. So, what are you waiting for? Add this stunning drop leaf table design to your home and breathe new life into your home.


A drop down table is quite literally a godsend for a host struggling to accommodate additional guests. Thanks to hinged flaps that increase the surface area when folded up, the glazed folding tables are an absolute treat. These shape-shifters were first popularized in 16th-century Europe as a space-saving eating device, and are now useful for many purposes. They blend elegantly into everyday furnishings and make your space even more efficient and functional. These folding tables are perfect for the smallest of dining spaces with a streamlined, understated look.

In summary, folding table design ideas offer a unique and intriguing solution to create dining space in small homes without compromising on style. These tables feature a fixed center section and hinged table tops on either side so they can be folded up or down as needed.


A solid wood folding table for two adds a rustic and industrial touch, making it perfect for a bistro-style dining area when the table tops are folded down. A yellow wall drop-leaf table offers versatility and functionality, serving as both a dining table and a console table for smaller households that love to host.


Adding a vintage touch is a drop leaf function table and chairs, a stunning design with built in shelving for storage and a mix of white and brown for a classic look. A modern round top dining table offers sophistication and intelligent use of space, allowing you to add exotic plant pots or flower vases for a fuller and more sumptuous look.