Tarte Cosmetics is a popular makeup and skincare brand known for their cruelty-free and eco-friendly approach to beauty products. The brand was founded in 1999 by Maureen Kelly.


Founder: Maureen Kelly


Established: Tarte Cosmetics was established in 1999.



Tarte was founded with the intention of providing high-performing beauty products that also respect the environment and animal welfare. Maureen Kelly, the founder, started the brand after realizing the lack of natural and eco-friendly options in the cosmetics market.


Tarte gained attention through the use of natural ingredients, cruelty-free formulations and innovative packaging. The brand has focused on developing products that are both effective and gentle on the skin. Tarte’s focus on wholesome ingredients and commitment to ethical beauty practices resonated with a growing number of consumers looking to make conscientious beauty choices.


One of Tarte’s first notable products was the Cheek Stain, which became a cult favorite. This water-based gel blush with a twist-on applicator was innovative and popular for its long-lasting, natural color intensity.


Over the years, Tarte has expanded its product offering beyond blush to include a wide range of cosmetics, skincare and beauty tools. The brand is known for its vibrant and trendy color choices, which often reflect current beauty trends.


Tarte also stands out for its commitment to eco-friendly packaging. The brand uses recycled materials and sustainable components and often incorporates earthy elements into their designs.


Tarte’s popularity grew as the company gained recognition for its commitment to cruelty-free practices and the use of high-quality, naturally-derived ingredients. The brand’s eco-friendly and ethical approach resonated with a consumer base seeking both style and sustainability.



Founder: Tarte Cosmetics was founded by Maureen Kelly.


Established: The brand was established in 1999.


Concept: Tarte is a cruelty-free and eco-friendly makeup and skincare brand.


Philosophy: Tarte focuses on providing high-performance beauty products using natural ingredients and sustainable packaging.


Early Success: Known for products like Cheek Stain, Tarte garnered attention for its innovative and effective formulations.


Product Range: Tarte has expanded beyond blush to offer a wide range of cosmetics, skincare and beauty tools with on-trend color choices.


Eco-Friendly Commitment: The brand values eco-friendly packaging with recycled materials and earthy designs.


Ethical Practices: Tarte’s cruelty-free and responsibly sourced ingredients appeal to consumers seeking ethical beauty options.



Cruelty-Free and Eco-Friendly: Tarte is known for its commitment to cruelty-free practices and eco-friendly packaging, appealing to conscientious consumers.


Founded by Maureen Kelly: The brand was founded by Maureen Kelly in 1999, driven by a desire to provide effective beauty products with responsible ingredients.


Natural Ingredients: Tarte values natural ingredients in its formulations, catering to those seeking healthier beauty options.


Innovative Products: Early successes such as Cheek Stain demonstrated Tarte’s innovation in product design and effectiveness.


Diverse product range: Tarte expanded its range with a large selection of cosmetics, skin care and beauty tools, which often reflect current beauty trends.


Sustainable Packaging: The brand’s commitment to eco-friendly packaging using recycled materials demonstrates its commitment to responsible practices.


Ethical Appeal: Tarte’s focus on ethical beauty practices and ingredient sourcing resonates with consumers seeking both style and sustainability.


Continued Relevance: Tarte remains a major player in the beauty industry, reflecting its continued popularity and impact.



Amazonian Clay Foundation

Shape tape concealer

Blushes and bronzers

eyeshadow palettes

Lipsticks and lip gloss




eyebrow products

Skin care

Skin care



cleaning supplies

Masks (clay, sheet masks, etc.)

lip creams

fixing sprays

Sun protection (TarteGuard)

Face and body care

Face and body care

fixing powder

makeup primers

Tinted moisturizers

Contouring and highlighting sets

body bronzer

self-tanning products


Commitment to Cruelty-Free: Tarte is known for its strong commitment to cruelty-free practices, making it appealing to consumers who value ethical beauty.


Natural Ingredients: The brand’s focus on natural and responsible ingredients may appeal to those seeking healthier beauty choices.


Innovative Formulations: Tarte frequently introduces innovative product formulations that offer unique benefits and contribute to its popularity.


Diverse range: Tarte offers a wide range of make-up and skin care products, tailored to different preferences and needs.


Eco-friendly packaging: Tarte’s eco-friendly packaging, often made from recycled materials, is in line with the values of sustainability.


Trendy Colors: The brand’s trendy and vibrant color palettes are resonating with consumers looking for contemporary beauty options.


Effective Products: Tarte’s focus on the effectiveness of its products may appeal to those looking for quality cosmetics.


Prices: Tarte products may be considered relatively more expensive compared to some drugstore alternatives.


Availability: Depending on your location, access to Tarte products may be restricted to certain stores or online platforms.


Sensitivity to ingredients: While Tarte values natural ingredients, individual skin sensitivities may vary and some users may experience reactions.


Product Suitability: Not all Tarte products may be suitable for every skin type, skin tone or preference, so some experimentation is required.


Limited Shades: Although Tarte offers a range of shades, some products may not be available in an extensive range of options.


Innovative Products: Although innovation is a pro, some experimental products may not be well received by all customers.


Marketing Hype: Tarte’s strong branding and marketing can create high expectations that not all products may meet with every consumer.


Please note that these pros and cons are general observations and individual experiences may vary. When evaluating Tarte products, it’s important to consider your personal preferences, needs, and skin sensitivities.

In summary, Tarte Cosmetics has established itself as a leading player in the beauty industry, focused on cruelty-free practices, natural ingredients and innovative product formulations. The brand’s commitment to ethical beauty resonates with consumers who seek responsible choices, and their diverse range of makeup and skincare products appeal to diverse tastes.


Tarte benefits include a commitment to cruelty-free, natural ingredients, innovative products and eco-friendly packaging. Tarte’s focus on effectiveness, trendy colors and a wide range of products add to its appeal.


However, there are potential downsides such as price, ingredient sensitivity, and product suitability that may vary from person to person. Limited availability, color options, and the balance between marketing hype and product performance are also factors to consider.