Under Armor

Under Armor

Under Armor is an American athletic apparel and athletic performance brand founded in 1996 by Kevin Plank. The brand is known for its innovative sportswear, footwear and accessories designed to enhance athletic performance and comfort.



Under Armor was founded by Kevin Plank, a former University of Maryland college football player. He came up with the idea for Under Armor after noticing that traditional cotton t-shirts became heavy and uncomfortable when soaked with sweat during a workout.



The brand’s history began in 1996 when Kevin Plank developed a moisture-wicking compression shirt made of synthetic fabrics that efficiently wicks sweat away from the body. This innovation helped athletes stay dry and comfortable during intense physical activity. Plank began selling the shirts from the trunk of his car and quickly gained traction with athletes who appreciated the improved performance benefits.


The success of the moisture-wicking shirt marked the beginning of the Under Armor journey. Over the years, the brand has expanded its product offering to include different types of sportswear, footwear and accessories for a variety of sports and activities. Under Armor’s focus on technology and performance-driven design sets Under Armor apart in the athletic apparel market.


The brand gained significant recognition and popularity, not only among athletes but also in the mainstream fashion and fitness community. Under Armor’s commitment to innovation and performance technology has led to collaborations with athletes, sports teams and even technological advances in athletic equipment.


The Under Armor product line includes apparel for various sports such as running, training and team sports, as well as shoes and accessories such as bags and hats. The brand’s commitment to producing quality performance gear has cemented its position as a leading name in the sportswear industry.

Under Armor


Founded in 1996 by Kevin Plank, Under Armor is a renowned sportswear brand known for its innovative moisture-wicking technology. Starting with a compression shirt that effectively wicks away sweat, the brand quickly expanded and offered a wide range of sportswear, shoes and accessories. Under Armor’s commitment to performance-driven design and working with athletes has cemented its place in the athletic apparel market. With a focus on technology, performance and a global presence, Under Armor caters to both athletes and individuals who lead active lifestyles.

Under Armor


Innovative Beginnings: Founded by Kevin Plank in 1996, Under Armor emerged with a groundbreaking moisture-wicking compression shirt that revolutionized athletic apparel.


Moisture-Wicking Technology: The brand’s signature technology wicks sweat efficiently, keeping athletes dry and comfortable during high-intensity activities.


Performance Driven: Under Armor’s commitment to technology-driven design enhances athletic performance through innovative materials and features.


Expansion of the product range: From its beginnings with compression shirts, the brand has developed into a wide range of sportswear, shoes and accessories for different sports and activities.


Working with Athletes: Working with professional athletes and sports teams has further cemented Under Armor’s reputation and relevance in the sports industry.


Global Presence: Under Armor products are available worldwide through physical stores and online platforms, reaching a diverse customer base.


Mainstream Appeal: Although the brand is built on performance, the stylish designs and functional features not only resonate with athletes, but also those who lead active lifestyles.


Mission of Empowerment: Under Armor’s mission focuses on empowering athletes and encouraging the pursuit of excellence through determination and innovation.


Evolution and Adaptation: Over the years, Under Armor has continuously evolved and adapted to changing trends and consumer demands in the sportswear industry.



Compression Shirts: Under Armor’s original moisture-wicking compression shirts remain popular, providing support and comfort during training.


Tops: The brand offers a variety of tops including t-shirts, tank tops, long sleeve shirts, and hoodies that are designed for different types of activities.


Bottoms: The Under Armor collection includes shorts, leggings, trousers and jogging pants suitable for sports and training.


Outerwear: Jackets, hoodies and sweatshirts that provide warmth and protection in varied weather conditions.



Running Shoes: Under Armor offers a range of running shoes designed to offer comfort and support to runners of different ability levels.


Training Shoes: Shoes for cross training, weightlifting, and various indoor and outdoor workouts.


Basketball Shoes: Specialized basketball shoes with features designed to improve on-court performance.


Cleats: Football, soccer and baseball cleats for athletes playing on turf or turf fields.



Bags: Sports bags, backpacks and duffel bags for transporting sports gear and essentials.


Hats and Caps: Various types of hats and caps to protect you from the sun during outdoor activities.


Gloves: Sport-specific gloves for activities such as soccer, baseball, and golf.


Socks: Performance socks that offer comfort and support during training.


Innovative Technology: Under Armor is known for its innovative moisture-wicking technology that enhances athletic performance by keeping athletes dry and comfortable.


Performance-Driven Design: The brand’s focus on technology-driven design ensures its products are tailored to the needs of athletes, providing comfort and support during training and athletic activities.


Wide range of products: Under Armor offers a comprehensive range of sportswear, shoes and accessories for different sports and training preferences.


Collaboration with athletes: Collaboration with professional athletes and sports teams increases brand credibility and reflects their commitment to excellence.


Global Recognition: Under Armor’s strong presence and recognition makes its products easily accessible in different regions of the world.


Quality and Durability: Many customers appreciate the brand’s focus on quality materials and durability, resulting in more durable products.


Fashionable designs: Under Armor products often combine functionality with stylish design, appealing to both athletes and those looking for activewear for an active lifestyle.


Price: Some customers may find Under Armor’s products relatively more expensive compared to other sportswear brands, due in part to the brand’s technology-centric focus.


Sizing Consistency: As with any brand, there can occasionally be discrepancies in sizing, making it difficult to find the right fit.


Competition: The sportswear market is highly competitive with multiple brands offering similar products. That’s why it’s imperative for Under Armor to continually innovate and differentiate.


Durability: While many customers value the durability of Under Armor products, there are occasional reports of wear and tear issues with certain items.


Personal Preferences: Not all individuals may agree with Under Armor’s designs or technology-centric approach as personal preferences vary.


Limited Styles: Depending on specific preferences, some customers might find that the brand’s offerings are geared more toward athletic performance than casual or lifestyle wear.


Brand identity: Because Under Armor positions itself as a performance-oriented brand, it may not be the ideal choice for those looking exclusively for casual or fashion clothing.

In summary, Under Armor has established itself as a leading player in the athletic apparel industry, known for its innovative moisture-wicking technology, performance-driven design and broad product line. Founded in 1996 by Kevin Plank, the brand’s journey from a revolutionary moisture-wicking shirt to a comprehensive collection of athletic apparel, footwear and accessories reflects their commitment to improving athletic performance and comfort.


The brand’s focus on technology-led design, collaboration with athletes and global recognition has cemented its reputation among athletes and those who lead active lifestyles. While Under Armor’s focus on quality andIf durability resonates with many customers, considerations such as price, size consistency, and competition should also be taken into account.