Viator is a TripAdvisor online platform that offers travelers the ability to discover, research and book a wide range of tours, activities and experiences worldwide. Founded in 1995 by Rod Cuthbert, Viator grew into a pioneer in the online travel industry. It offers users the opportunity to enhance their travel experiences by exploring and booking different activities and tours in different destinations. In 2014, TripAdvisor acquired Viator, expanding its reach and offerings to a wider audience.



Viator is a reputable online platform that specializes in offering travelers a wide range of tours, activities and experiences around the world. Dating back to 1995, Rod Cuthbert was founded as one of the early innovators in the online travel industry. The platform allows users to easily discover, research and book different travel experiences, enriching their trips with unique and unforgettable activities.


In 2014, Viator was acquired by TripAdvisor, a well-known name in the travel and hospitality industry. This acquisition further strengthened Viator’s footprint and resources, enabling the company to offer an even broader range of options for travelers looking to get the most from their travels. As part of the TripAdvisor family, Viator has continued to evolve, offering travelers the ability to find and book tours and activities that match their preferences and interests.



Viator: An established online platform for booking tours, activities and travel experiences.


Founded: Founded in 1995 by Rod Cuthbert, a pioneer in the online travel industry.


Experience Diversity: Offers a wide variety of tours and activities around the world, catering to different interests and preferences.


TripAdvisor Acquisition: Acquired by TripAdvisor in 2014, strengthening the company’s resources and global reach.


Ease of Use: Allows travelers to discover, research and book unique experiences to enrich their travels.


Extensive Options: Offers a wide range of options, from cultural tours to adventure activities.


Reliable Reputation: Has earned a reputation for quality and reliability in crafting travel experiences.


Seamless Booking: Offers a user-friendly interface for easy and hassle-free booking.


Travel Enrichment: Allows travelers to immerse themselves in local culture and make the most of their trips.


Part of TripAdvisor: Works under the TripAdvisor umbrella and benefits from its extensive travel network and expertise.



Viator offers a wide range of guided tours for different interests, including historical tours, city tours, cultural experiences and more.



The platform offers options for exciting activities such as cooking classes, wine tasting, outdoor adventures and water sports.

Attraction Tickets

Attraction Tickets

Travelers can pre-purchase tickets to popular attractions, museums, theme parks, and landmarks.

Pros of Viator:

Diverse Options: Viator offers a diverse range of tours and activities for different interests, so travelers can find experiences that suit them.


User Ratings: The platform offers user-generated reviews and ratings, helping travelers make informed decisions based on the experiences of others.


Convenience: Viator allows travelers to book tours and activities online in advance, saving time and ensuring availability, especially during peak seasons.


Knowledgeable Guides: Many tours are led by knowledgeable local guides who offer insight and information about the destination.


Skip-the-Line Access: Viator offers skip-the-line tickets to popular attractions, saving travelers time by avoiding long lines.


Credibility: As part of the TripAdvisor family, Viator benefits from TripAdvisor’s reputation and credibility in the travel industry.


Customer Support: Viator offers customer support for assistance with bookings, changes, and inquiries.


Customizable Experiences: Private tours and customizable packages allow travelers to tailor their experiences to their preferences.


Group discounts: Some tours and activities offer discounts for group bookings, making them attractive to families and large groups.

Cons of Viator:

Limited spontaneity: Booking in advance may limit travelers’ ability to make last-minute decisions or change plans in the field.


Consistency of Quality: The quality of tours and guides can vary, and not all tours may live up to the expectations expressed in reviews.


Availability: Popular tours and activities can fill up quickly, especially during peak travel times, limiting late booking opportunities.


Additional Costs: Some tours may have hidden costs, e.g. B. Entrance fees or equipment rentals that are not fully disclosed in advance.


Cancellation Policy: Cancellation policies may vary by tour and supplier, which may cause confusion or unexpected charges.


Internet Dependency: Online booking requires reliable internet access, which can be challenging in certain destinations.


Language Barriers: Although many guides are multilingual, language barriers can affect the quality of the experience.


Limited Coverage: Viator may not have offers in every destination, limiting options for travelers visiting less touristy areas.


Complexity of traveling across multiple destinations: Coordinating multiple tours and activities across different destinations can be complex and requires careful planning.


It is important for travelers to research and read reviews before booking through Viator to ensure they choose the right experiences that suit their preferences and expectations.

In summary, Viator is a popular platform that offers travelers a convenient way to discover, compare and book a wide range of tours and activities around the world. As part of the TripAdvisor family, Viator benefits from user-generated reviews, ensuring travelers can make informed decisions based on the experiences of others. While there are perks like variety, skip-the-line access, and expert guides, travelers should also be aware of potential limitations, including limited spontaneity, variable quality, and additional costs. Ultimately, Viator can enhance travelers’ experiences by giving them access to a variety of activities and helping them get the most out of their trip.