7 wooden bed design ideas to consider for your bedroom this year

7 wooden bed design ideas to consider for your bedroom this year

7 wooden bed design ideas to consider for your bedroom this year

A wooden bed design will add a classy yet luxurious touch to your bedroom. Take a look at our latest collection and get inspiration for your next purchase.


A wooden bed design is made from solid, lightweight wood and then stained/polished with a paint/chemical of your choice to give it a smooth feel. It is robust, looks aesthetic, combines compactness and comfort, and is also multifunctional. It is an essential piece of furniture in the bedroom that can make a big difference in your good night’s sleep. There are many configurations of wooden beds, e.g. E.g. round beds, folding beds, wooden divan beds, etc.

7 wooden bed design ideas to consider for your bedroom this year

A distinctively designed king-size wooden bed

This wooden king-size bed looks simple yet beautiful, with a large window on one side and an extended platform and table on the other. Here it can also be used as an alternative seating area in the bedroom. The decor on the wall and the green plants add charm to the bedroom.

Modern and stylish wooden bed design

This modern and stylish wooden bed design perfectly complements the minimalist decor of the room. It ties all the elements in the bedroom together and makes it look like one. The black headboard gives the bedroom a bold appeal and the elegant wall shelves behind it add an exquisite flair to the bedroom.

A traditional wooden bed design

This pseudo-poster wooden bed design looks quite traditional. The mustard color/polish of the bed is reminiscent of sandy and sunny deserts, giving the room a rustic vibe. This type of design works well for medium to large sized rooms with less clutter.

Two-tier wooden bunk bed ideal for privacy

This two-story wooden bunk bed is the first choice for people with a small bedroom. It offers a spacious private space for 2 people – one upstairs and the other downstairs – connected by a side access ladder. Ideally, it can be placed in the children’s room so that the children can sleep comfortably.

7 wooden bed design ideas to consider for your bedroom this year

A low wooden bed design with no storage space

This wooden platform-style bed with no storage is low in height and offers a solid, flat base for excellent mattress support. Also, it gives your bedroom a pretty, clean and elegant look and feel. In addition, the platform bed offers optimal back support for the entire body and ensures a good night’s sleep.

The design of a wooden double bed with storage is a delight

This wooden double bed design with storage is a feast for the eyes. It offers the bedroom an optimal mix of economy, style and comfort. Below are deep drawers for storing extra blankets, pillows and linens that would otherwise have created a cluttery atmosphere in the bedroom.

7 wooden bed design ideas to consider for your bedroom this year

Wooden headboard bed design for rustic atmosphere

This wooden headboard bed design exudes the energy of a rural farmhouse. Along with the stone tile accent wall and light beige wooden floor, it enhances the bedroom’s vintage charm. The existing furnishings and lighting in the bedroom also go well with this wooden bed design.

In summary, the timeless appeal of wooden bed designs adds a touch of elegance and luxury to any bedroom. From boldly designed king-size beds to modern and stylish options, there is a choice to suit all tastes and decor styles.


Traditional wooden beds create a rustic atmosphere, while two-story bunk beds offer practical solutions for small spaces, especially in children’s rooms. For those looking for simplicity and optimal mattress support, low platform beds with no storage are a great option.


Wooden double beds with storage space, on the other hand, combine style and functionality and ensure that the bedroom remains tidy. For a touch of vintage charm, bed designs with wooden headboards create a cozy, farmhouse-like vibe.


A wooden bed not only gives the bedroom an aesthetic touch, but also contributes to a restful sleep with its robust and comfortable construction. By carefully selecting a wooden bed design that matches the room decor and suits your preferences, you can create an oasis of relaxation and beauty in your own home. Be enchanted by the fascination of wood craftsmanship and upgrade your bedroom with these fascinating designs.