10 Bra Types Every Woman Should Know – A Complete Guide

10 Bra Types Every Woman Should Know - A Complete Guide

10 Bra Types Every Woman Should Know - A Complete Guide

Did you know that 64% of women are wearing the wrong bra? And ironically, 24% know for sure they’re the wrong size. No wonder we can’t wait to take that bra off as soon as we get home! We are all doing something fundamentally wrong. So I had to find a solution to this madness before it affected me (my health).


Simply put, start with a professional fitting, familiarize yourself with the different types of bras, and most importantly, invest in the bra that’s made for HER. Scroll down to see different bra types with pictures.

1. T-shirt bra

I’m not picky about a lot of things in life, but a t-shirt bra isn’t one of them. Finding a seamless t-shirt bra was not easy for me as I always assumed they were padded bras. They’re very similar, except they’re not. These come with molded protection, sometimes underwired, but not necessarily padded. They increase rigidity and provide a slimmer appearance depending on the breast size. It’s the underwires that provide full coverage and the whole idea is to keep you away from the fear of double breasts or popping out. To avoid this, the experts always recommend having a professional bra fitting done at least once. Personal stylist Paola Farina says: “It is very important to understand that cup and breast size are very different. I can have a small cup but my breastbone can be big. I need to be sure the fit is right. T-shirt bras usually work well for small sizes and small cups. I recommend seamless models for evening dresses.”

10 Bra Types Every Woman Should Know - A Complete Guide

2. Sports bra

If I could put it better, I would, but there’s no magic formula when it comes to choosing a sports bra. So we need to pay attention to the basics – straps, cups and band. It has to be tight and encompassing all around. However, it must not smother your breasts or result in a uni-bust. Farina adds: “It should fit well but be very comfortable. If it’s padded, I recommend getting a half size or one larger.” A few things to keep in mind: Run your finger across the band between your breasts and make sure you pull it about an inch from your chest can. The front straps should have as little stretch as possible for better movement control. And finally, the breasts should not leak, indicating that you need the next size up.


Choose a bra based on the activity – a low-impact sports bra is appropriate for yoga, hiking, or walking, and a high-impact sports bra is required for high-intensity exercise like aerobics, running, zumba, etc.

3. Push-up bra

This bra is based on a simple mechanism that gives support and volume to the breasts, making them symmetrical, tighter and fuller. First of all, a push-up bra helps women with a smaller bust size or those whose breasts are not high on the chest. So, the myth that women with larger breasts can’t wear push-ups isn’t true, not only does it make them fuller. Farina explains: “This type of bra is very suitable for small and large breasts. If you have large breasts, I recommend you choose a model with a large band, as it will help you better control your breasts and look more elegant.”


Since most push-up bras have underwires, make sure that the underwire doesn’t pinch your skin at the bottom, but rests right at the end of your bust line.

4. Padded bra

The padded bra has been a savior for many reasons. It gives women with smaller breasts a fuller appearance and in winter it provides full nipple coverage and an overall fuller appearance. Farina says: “This bra is perfect for small and petite breasts. It gives a sexy but not outrageous look. I highly recommend it for shy women who want to look more feminine without being overly aggressive.”


However, some women do not prefer it because it can make their breasts look twice as large. The reason could be a mistake in choosing the size or design. There are also semi-padded cup bras that go with dresses with a plunging neckline. And the half bra is a good option for women with a petite figure, smaller breasts or both.

10 Bra Types Every Woman Should Know - A Complete Guide

5. Strapless bra

I don’t know about you, but for me, wearing a strapless bra was a fiasco—every time, until I had my first professional fitting. Getting the basics right is a real blessing. You have to take a step down because only the band holds the girls together and supports your chest. Remember that your dress should be slightly looser near the bust and tighter near the waist. Otherwise we would be back to zero.


Farina advises: “Finding just the right size of band is very important. If a cup is a little too big, we can still add pads, but if the band is too big, it won’t work. I only recommend it for small breasts.”

6. Lace bra

Lace is sensual and it just feels great to wear the fabric on your body, especially when it comes to lingerie. Farina shares: “I love this type of bra because you can always choose a pop-up color and wear it as if it were another part of your outfit, for example under a light-colored blouse.” I recommend “nude” colors under white clothing and dark colors for dark clothing.” You’ll never run out of options, but it’s often referred to as a chic option rather than a functional option. So, unless you prefer pointy nipples, contact the seller in store or speak to a professional if you have any questions about wearing these nipples properly.

7. Halter Bra

As the name suggests, these go perfectly with your tank tops, skinny, strapless dresses or racerback t-shirts. Farina advises: “Be careful with a halter neckline. In Europe we call the American neckline. Avoid if you have small shoulders, otherwise they will look even smaller. This bra is not the right choice for large breasts and a triangle body shape. However, it fits perfectly on a rectangle and an inverted triangle.” Most convertibles give you a choice of clear straps, crossed straps or halter straps, so camouflaging these straps is easy!

8. Softly padded

These are basically rounded, but still seamless and natural bras. Not just t-shirts, these are ideal under thin fabrics like shirts, satin tops or dresses. You have various options for this, e.g. B. soft padding, padded, underwired, etc. So choose something that depends on the size of your breasts.

10 Bra Types Every Woman Should Know - A Complete Guide

9. Adhesive Bra

When you go shopping and look at some dresses, the first thing that comes to mind is which bra to wear. The shapes, bodice and necklines are so outlandish that nothing seems to go together. Then you need a stick-on bra. These silicone pads are self-adhesive to your body and intact. It covers the nipples just enough, but is not comparable to your normal bras. Farina shares: “Stick-on bras are only suitable for small sizes. They are perfect for evening dresses that accentuate the back or for plunging necklines. To avoid problems, tape the neckline to the bra with double-sided tape.”

10. Bandeau Bra

We all know tube tops, right? So bandeau bras work in a similar way. They must be worn on the head and have no hooks to attach. And that’s probably what makes these shoes so comfortable. The support is solely supported by your chest and shoulders. So be sure to try them on to make sure they fit properly. You can get them in both simple and high-quality materials such as lace, satin and layers. You can also use the chic models as a layer for your racerback tops

In summary, it is crucial for every woman to know and understand the different types of bras that are suitable for different occasions and body types. Wearing the right bra not only increases comfort, but also provides the support and confidence you need throughout the day. Beginning a professional fitting is a big step towards the perfect fit. From t-shirt bras for everyday wear to sports bras for high-impact activities, and from push-up bras for added volume to strapless bras for special occasions, there’s a bra to suit every need.


Whether it’s the elegance of lace bras, the versatility of halter bras, or the convenience of stick-on bras for backless outfits, a diverse collection can help women feel prepared for any fashion choice. Ultimately, investing in bras that are tailored to an individual’s shape and size is key to avoiding common complaints and ensuring a flattering look.