14 cute long sweaters to wear with leggings

14 cute long sweaters to wear with leggings

14 cute long sweaters to wear with leggings

Sweater weather is one of our favorite times of the year. If you want to wear trendy long jumpers with leggings, you’ve come to the right place for styling tips.


Staying warm is just as important as staying stylish. We understand your concerns about sweaters, which have a bad reputation for being ugly clothes. But we think that’s an unfair assumption! Sweaters are incredibly versatile and are one of the staples in your wardrobe that will always be in style. You can wear them with other fashion trends that have come and gone, and they’re comfortable too, which is always a plus. Wearing your sweater with leggings is a fashionable yet comfortable combo for chilly winters. These winter clothes look effortlessly good. And we can help you get there!


Scroll down to take a look at some of our cute sweater with leggings ideas to flaunt this winter. Swipe up!

1. Black sweaters on leggings

Black on black is classic. You can flaunt this dark outfit day and night. It exudes drama, charisma and heaps of comfort.


A cute black sweater paired with black leggings, black sunglasses and a black crossbody bag is perfect. Nina’s knee length boots complete her outfit making it a complete black on black outfit of the day.

14 cute long sweaters to wear with leggings

2. Oversized sweaters on leggings

Larger than life sweaters are a dream. From fluffy sweaters to furry cardigans to heavy cables, oversized sweaters are the ultimate choice for comfort, style and warmth on a cold day.


You can pair this knitwear with a casual pair of sneakers or even ankle boots. Dress up in your oversized sweaters or go home honey!

3. Long sweaters on leggings and boots

If your goal is to look chic, confident and show off everything that screams power, what better way to achieve that than by wearing this outfit? This outfit idea is funky and super creative. The combination of the long sweater with boots gives an overall 10/10!

4. Long white sweaters on leggings

How can we not love white? It is simply heavenly and very elegant. Long white sweaters are a must in every woman’s wardrobe. They look great on leggings and embody comfort and a chic sense of style. You can combine them with ballet flats or even boots.

5. Oversized sweater on short tights

This outfit is a combination of charm and playfulness. The oversized sweater in this pretty shade of pink won our hearts. In combination with short black tights, the outfit looks sporty. This idea is definitely cute!

14 cute long sweaters to wear with leggings

6. Red sweaters on leggings

A little coffee and errands? Put on your red sweater, pair it with black leggings and run! The combination with cool sunglasses and robust black Vans gives your outfit more power. This makes it the perfect casual wear for the winter.

7. Long pullover sweaters on leggings

If you want to get to the point, but at the same time you don’t want to exert yourself too much, then long sweaters are the right choice.


On a cloudy day, you can wear one and pair it with ankle length boots. This outfit is sophisticated and extremely feminine. This would be a classic way to display your sense of style.

8. Tunic sweater with leggings

Tunic sweaters are a comfortable way to dress up, but their loose fit makes them stylish and appealing. To make them look neater and more defined, pair them with a nice belt at the waist.

14 cute long sweaters to wear with leggings

9. Sweater dresses on top of leggings

Dresses might not be the best choice on a cold day, but if you’re a fan of them, pay attention to sweater dresses. They look absolutely stunning and will keep you warm and comfortable. You can style this outfit by wearing it with leggings and boots.

10. Hoodie with leggings

This outfit is nothing but goals! Gigi Hadid gets it just right. It’s a brilliant idea to color-coordinate your hoodie with your leggings to create a quirky two-piece outfit.


A pair of sturdy running shoes and eye-catching sunglasses add some drama and glamor to your outfit. You are ready to seize the day. Whether you’re running errands, having a coffee or even hanging out with your friends, this outfit suits many occasions.

11. Crop top sweater on leggings

Crop tops never go out of style and crop top sweaters are even more trendy. They are playful, form-fitting, warm and comfortable. You can combine this women’s clothing with cute platform sneakers or knee-length boots.

12. High-necked sweater on high-waisted leggings

High collars always make a statement. Pairing this cute sweater top with high-waisted leggings makes it even more stylish and comfortable. Depending on your preference, you can wear heeled shoes or boots to complete the look.

14 cute long sweaters to wear with leggings

13. Sweater on leather leggings

That’s a pretty bold move — because not everyone can confidently pull off leather leggings. If you think you’ve got it all, don a baggy sweater to match your leather leggings and pointed-toe boots. Instead of boots, you can also wear platform shoes. And off you go!

14. Hoodie and jacket over leggings - a layered outfit

Layering is always fun and creative. However, it’s often easy to screw up and appear stifled. This outfit will help you look different and give you more character.

In summary, wearing long sweaters with leggings is a stylish and comfortable choice for the colder months. Sweaters are versatile and can be paired with different styles of leggings to create different looks. From classic black-on-black outfits to oversized and cozy sweaters, there are many cute options to choose from.


Tunic sweaters and sweater dresses offer a dressier option, while hoodies and crop top sweaters add a playful touch to your outfit. High neck sweaters and leather leggings add a chic and bold element, perfect for those looking to make a statement.


Layering is a creative way to stay warm, and pairing a hoodie or jacket over leggings can add depth and character to your overall look.


Remember: the key to a great outfit is confidence. So choose the styles that make you feel your best. Enjoy the sweater weather with these cute and trendy combinations to stay cozy and fashionable all winter long!