7 Dining Room Mural Ideas You’ll Be Happy To Say Yes To

7 Dining Room Mural Ideas You'll Be Happy To Say Yes To

7 Dining Room Mural Ideas You'll Be Happy To Say Yes To

Do you have ideas for wall painting in your dining room? These stunning options will serve as useful inspiration for you!


Wall murals for the dining room are usually viewed as an extension of the monochrome theme of the home or, in some cases, the living room. However, modern homeowners are taking the adage “families that eat together, stay together” to another level. That’s why they want to make sure that the dining room, a common space, is just as charming as the private spaces in the house. In this blog, we share some of our most sought-after dining room wall beautification ideas.

7 Dining Room Mural Ideas You'll Be Happy To Say Yes To

Wall murals for the dining room with a vintage flair

Do you remember visiting a well-preserved historical building? If so, you might remember how, in addition to the vintage decor, the walls that have become dull over time add to its charm. A mural that gives the dining room a vintage look can help bring back some of the fondest memories around the dining table. Using painting techniques like paint washing, rag rollers, or even sponges, this ancient texture and depth is easy to achieve. For the complete look, however, opt for a rustic dining room set, elegant chandeliers with old-fashioned charm and some stunning wall decorations, as seen here. In this way, your modern home always keeps the good old atmosphere with optimal space-saving design. And if you want more on the subject, discover traditional dining table designs now.

English Teahouse Wall Mural for the Dining Room

This charming dining room mural gives the room a cozy atmosphere of an English tea house. It’s great for those who love to host tea parties. Paintable wallpapers like this one allow you to customize the color scheme to your liking. With decorative elements such as an earthy dining table, floor lamp, graceful chandelier and wall clock, the space invites discussion and the sharing of life updates. The multipurpose cabinet with side table is another interesting addition. It shows how suitable decorative elements can make a room more exciting! While you’re at it, how about checking out these dining table accessories ideas?

A dining room with a gorgeous dark green accent wall

If you want to explore color for your dining room, consider accent walls in bold hues to enliven the space. Check out how the dark olive green accent wall brightens up the white walls in this dining room. The wall art increases the attention even more. We love the simple yet charming additions used here like the tall floor lamps, wooden armoire, elegant dining table, velvet chairs, rug and Sputnik chandelier! While each element is conversational, the accent wall helps set the tone for everyone. Speaking of accenting, did you know that the dining room chairs you choose can also transform the room? Get inspired by these dining chair designs!

7 Dining Room Mural Ideas You'll Be Happy To Say Yes To

Dining room mural with brushstroke texture

The best part about experimenting with wall colors is adding a special touch to the wall texture as well. This is how the overall picture comes into its own and makes the dining room a topic of conversation. We love how the plain blue wall in this dining room takes on an artistic twist with brushstrokes that create a simple yet stunning effect. To bring the artistic vibe to the rest of the room, you can incorporate pendant lights, slat-back chairs, a rustic table, etc. Take a look at these wall textures used in the living room that are also great for the dining room. You can also speak to our design team to better understand your options.

A dining room with playful colors

Colors like pink, blue and orange are always great choices for the dining room. Also, a hue like pink gives a calming and peaceful vibe. The design here is perfect for date nights and family brunches. The pink background with touches of white in the theme complements the dining room decor perfectly. The folding double top folding dining table is a statement piece of furniture that can be conveniently used depending on the number of guests expected. Everything is right with this design – the wall color, the tones in the room, the storage options and the well thought-out furniture. You can find more colors for dining room colors here.

Mural design for a royal dining room

Palatial dining rooms are all about royal design and opulent furniture. Such a design includes a color scheme that is vibrant in some cases and subdued in others, as in this design. We are struck by the muted tones of the paintable wallpaper, reminiscent of royalty. The understated backdrop complements sumptuous furnishings such as the regal dining table in a rustic finish with traditionally shaped chairs, a free-standing bookcase and a cabinet with side table. The ornate chandelier and mirror finished in gold add extra appeal to the room. Looking for more inspiration to add royal charm to the dining room? Then you will love these Victorian style dining room sets.

7 Dining Room Mural Ideas You'll Be Happy To Say Yes To

Sensational stripes for the dining room walls

The walls in the dining room do not necessarily have to be a single color. As shown in this blog, an accent wall is a great option. Another way to incorporate color is to turn your wall into a canvas with multiple colors and textures. However, the easiest way is to opt for a plain pattern like stripes, as seen in this design. This works well in homes with an open dining room that blends in with other rooms like the living room. This allows the pattern to be replicated in a larger space, creating more excitement.

In summary, murals are an excellent way to dress up your dining room and add character to the space. Whether you prefer vintage flair, an English teahouse theme, a bold accent wall, brushstroke texture, playful colors, a regal dining room design, or eye-catching stripes, there are many dining room mural ideas to choose from.


Vintage-inspired murals can evoke precious memories and add depth to the dining room. An English teahouse mural creates a cozy atmosphere for tea parties and get-togethers. Bold accent walls in hues like dark green can liven up the space and set the tone for conversation. Brushstroke textures add an artistic touch to the walls and make the dining room a topic of discussion. Playful colors like pink, blue, and orange can create a calming and welcoming vibe for family brunches and date nights.


For palatial dining rooms, regal designs exude regal charm with opulent furnishings and muted color schemes. Eye-catching stripes or patterns can add excitement to the dining room and work well in open spaces that harmonize with other spaces.


Overall, dining room murals offer a creative and stylish way to enhance the ambiance and decor of your dining space, making dining even more enjoyable and memorable.