Cumin Cookware Review

Cumin Cookware Review

Caraway Cookware makes non-toxic, cleverly designed cookware and kitchen accessories for the home. The non-stick ceramic pots and pans come in modern colors for a healthier and more appealing cooking experience.


When heated to 500°F, traditional non-stick cookware (including Teflon) takes just 2.5 minutes to release toxic chemicals into the food we cook. In contrast, cumin cookware is specifically designed not to release any harmful substances into your food.


Designed and engineered in NYC, Caraway products are manufactured in world-class factories in China and India that employ strict ethical manufacturing practices. This applies to both the environmentally friendly manufacturing process itself and how the workers are treated.



Ready to cook? In this caraway cookware review, I’ll take a close look at the brand, their top selling products, customer reviews, promotions, and more to help you decide if these pans actually work.


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CERAMIC NON-STICK COATING: Caraway Home cookware features a ceramic non-stick coating that is free of PFOA, PFAS, lead and cadmium. This coating provides a smooth cooking surface and is known for its non-stick properties.


Design and aesthetics: Caraway Home offers a range of cookware sets in stylish and modern designs with different color options. The aesthetic appeal of their products can complement your kitchen decor.


Thoughtful Accessories: Caraway Home cookware sets often come with thoughtful accessories like storage organizers and magnetic pan stands that can help keep your kitchen organized and tidy.


Easy to clean: The non-stick coating of Caraway Home cookware makes cleaning easier. It can often be wiped clean with minimal effort.


Eco-Friendly Packaging: Caraway Home values sustainable practices and uses eco-friendly packaging materials to reduce their impact on the environment.



Limited Product Lineup: Caraway Home’s product lineup is primarily focused on cookware sets, which may limit options for individual purchases or specific cookware needs.


Price: Caraway Home cookware sets tend to be on the higher end of the price spectrum when compared to other brands of cookware, which can be a consideration for budget-conscious shoppers.


Cumin usually offers the following features in its products to make your time in the kitchen easy and enjoyable:


CERAMIC NON-STICK COATING: Caraway Cookware is known for its ceramic non-stick coating, which is free from toxic chemicals such as PFOA, PFAS, lead and cadmium. This coating allows for healthier cooking with less oil or butter and makes cookware easier to clean.


Material: Cumin cookware is usually made from durable materials like aluminum or stainless steel, which provide excellent thermal conductivity and even heat distribution for efficient cooking. (More on that later in this caraway cookware review below!).


Oven Safe: Cumin cookware is often oven safe, allowing you to easily transfer the dishes from the stovetop to the oven for further cooking or finishing.


Thoughtful Design: Cumin products feature thoughtful design, including ergonomic handles that stay cool while cooking, secure lids for better heat and moisture retention, and functional shapes and sizes to meet different cooking needs.


Sustainable Packaging: Caraway values sustainability and typically uses eco-friendly packaging materials to minimize waste and environmental impact.


Versatility: Cumin cookware is versatile and suitable for various cooking methods including stovetop, oven and induction cooking.


Aesthetic Appeal: Caraway offers cookware in stylish designs and color options that allow you to add a touch of elegance and modernity to your kitchen.



Cumin cookware is typically made from quality materials that are chosen for their durability and performance.


The specific materials used may vary by product, but here are some common materials found in caraway cookware:


Aluminum: Aluminum is a lightweight material known for its excellent thermal conductivity. It ensures even heat distribution and efficient cooking. Kümmel may use aluminum in the construction of its cookware for optimal thermal performance.


Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is a popular material known for its durability, rust and corrosion resistance, and non-reactive properties. It is often used as a main material or as a core in the manufacture of caraway cookware to provide strength and stability.


CERAMIC NON-STICK COATING: Caraway cookware features a ceramic non-stick coating. This coating is typically applied to the cooking surface of the cookware to provide a smooth, non-stick cooking experience. It allows for healthier cooking with less oil or butter, as well as easy food release and cleanup.


Other Materials: While aluminum and stainless steel are commonly used in caraway cookware, it is possible for other materials or additional layers to be incorporated into specific product lines or collections. For example, some cookware may have an extra layer of copper for improved thermal conductivity or a magnetic stainless steel base for induction compatibility.

Review of the caraway Dutch oven

Review of the caraway Dutch oven

A good, sturdy casserole is hard to come by. The best are often passed down from generation to generation for a reason – they just aren’t made the way they used to be.


Your great-grandmother’s pot was, of course, chemical-free (because pots didn’t have them back then) and indestructible (because it was built to last). That’s what Caraway has achieved with its modern Dutch Oven, which is conveniently fitted with a lid.


Hearty stews, four hour roasts, rotisserie chicken – you name it, and the Dutch Oven makes cooking a breeze. There are five colors to choose from, but in this review of caraway cookware, I have to mention that I particularly like the color sage: it has a natural look that goes with traditional white walls and cabinets.


Cook with the Dutch Oven for $125.

Review of a caraway frying pan

Review of a caraway frying pan

Deep and powerful, the Large Cumin Sauté Pan minimizes stovetop clutter and is ideal for preparing savory dishes. With no plastic coating on the handle, you can simply pop this baby in the oven to add a finishing touch to dishes like mac and cheese on the stovetop.



Equipped with a lid, the caraway frying pan is quite heavy, making it perfect for cooking for your large and loving (but sometimes demanding) family. Shown here in the rosy perracotta color option, the versatile sauté pan retails for $135.

Review of a frying pan with caraway seeds

Review of a frying pan with caraway seeds

Frying pans are a staple in the kitchen and the cumin pan is even lighter and easier to use than the standard variety. Use it to impressively flip pancakes for your friends or effortlessly toss in sautéed vegetables that won’t stick to the bottom thanks to the non-stick surface.


Imagine this Caraway Gray Frypan as part of a sleek monochrome kitchen theme with marble worktops and a complete matching Caraway ceramic cookware set artfully displayed on the counter. Have some fun in your kitchen with the $95 Caraway Small Skillet.

Cumin Cookware Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

To round out this review of Caraway Cookware, I checked out reviews on, a Caraway Cookware Reddit thread, and The Kitchn to see what home cooks had to say about the brand’s pots, pans, and accessories.


On the brand’s website, over 15,000 reviews of the Kümmel line give it a sky-high average of 4.8/5 stars. One of the 5-star reviewers spoke to almost all of them with her sweeping praise, referring to the products’ design, convenience, eco-friendliness and of course the cooking and cleaning performance:


“Everything from the way it was packaged is absolute elegance. No unnecessary plastic in the packaging. The cookware looks absolutely stunning and comes with spacers which make storage really easy. The first time I ate in it, no food was stuck to the bottom at all. Cooking with it was a real pleasure. It is also easy to clean.”


Reviews also praised Caraway’s customer service. One client summed him up in four simple words: “prompt, personable, understanding and efficient.”



When I checked the Reddit threads for Caraway Cookware reviews, I found more testimonials about the high quality of the pans. One commenter helpfully highlighted the fact that good care helps ensure products last longer:


“I’ve had it for a few months and to be honest I haven’t had any problems with it so far. They are truly non-stick and very easy to clean. I’m very careful with the utensils I use (no metal) and I try to store them so they don’t get scratched… I don’t expect any lasting problems with this.”


The same user also shared his positive experience with the brand’s return policy: “I also liked the return policy, which I had to use because my little pot was scratched, but they were super good at replacing it.”


A review of the Caraway cookware set on The Kitchn kept up the good news about the brand’s nonstick promise, saying that it “used very little oil and everything slid out easily” and that the pans had “really even heat distribution.” I had no hotspots and the food was cooked very evenly.”

I had a hard time finding negative reviews of Cumin cookware on the brand’s website, but one that I think somewhat aligns with a pattern seen in other review threads: “[I’m] disappointed that the color on two pieces had already peeled off.”


While the overall response to Caraway’s products has been overwhelmingly positive, there have been several customers who have reported that the pots are easily scratched and the paint tends to chip. A Reddit commenter shared his experience with it:


“The non-stick cooking side is great, no complaints. But the bottoms of the pans suffered severe scratches and stains within four months of use on a glass hob, more than my T-Fal and my Cuisinart after four years of use.”


Another user noted that while she loved the pans, she was disappointed with how quickly they wore and scratched, and also with the heat-up time:


“I bought a set of cumin pots and pans and love them. My only criticism is that it takes forever to heat up and you can’t heat them with high heat. Also, I regret going cream, even though it’s so pretty, because I have a few burn marks on the bottom. Also, DO NOT use metal in it scratched my insides.”



Additionally, the otherwise positive review above from The Kitchn addressed a cooking issue stemming from the non-stick surface: “The non-stick ceramic coating just doesn’t encourage the dark crust [on meat] and therefore very little likes to emerge.”


However, as the reviewer admits, the same goes for all non-stick pans as well. And to address the issues with scratches and chips, the Reddit commenter above put it perfectly in a nutshell: Proper use (no metal utensils) and cleaning (by hand) will ensure your pots continue to look and cook great.