HexClad cookware review

HexClad cookware review

HexClad is an American nonstick cookware company that makes products for both professional and home cooks. If you’re tired of replacing your pots and pans every year because they’re completely scratched, these sets could put an end to that cycle.


Co-founders Danny Winer and Cole Mecray brought HexClad technology to the US market and began launching and selling cookware in 2017. Their goal was to make durable pots and pans that would last a lifetime.


Danny Winer, their current President and CEO, believes that certain unique elements set HexClad cookware apart from the competition. For example, the hexagon design features a network of peaks and valleys.



The tips are made of stainless steel, while the valleys are made of non-stick material – making the cookware suitable for different purposes. Many conventional pans with non-stick coatings cannot tolerate the chafing of metal utensils.


It’s easy to trust the legendary Oprah, but there’s nothing wrong with a second opinion. My Hexclad cookware review provides details on the company, its products, offerings and more to help you decide if the collection is right for you.



HexClad non-stick cookware is highly recommended by professionals

Pots and pans are oven, dishwasher and metal safe

Durable and built to last

All HexClad stainless steel cookware is PFOA-free

Available in Canada through Costco

Bread offers alternative financing options

Buyers can take advantage of a lifetime warranty

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What sets HexClad apart?

HexClad is a cookware brand that features a cooking surface with a unique hexagonal pattern that sets it apart from traditional cookware.


Here are some of the features that make HexClad stand out:



Hexagonal Pattern: The unique hexagonal pattern on the cooking surface of HexClad cookware ensures even heating and prevents food from sticking, making it easy to cook and clean.


HYBRID TECHNOLOGY: HexClad cookware features a combination of stainless steel and nonstick technology that offers the benefits of both materials. The stainless steel ensures durability and a sharp finish, while the non-stick surface allows for easy food release.


EASY TO CLEAN: The hexagonal pattern on the cooking surface of HexClad cookware makes it easy to clean by preventing food from sticking to the surface.


VERSATILE: HexClad cookware is suitable for use on all hob types including induction, gas, electric and ceramic.


DURABLE: HexClad cookware is made from high-quality materials that are built to last, making it a long-term investment for your kitchen.


Overall, HexClad cookware offers a unique and innovative cooking experience with its hexagonal pattern and hybrid technology. The cookware’s durability and versatility make it a worthwhile investment for home cooks who want quality, user-friendly cookware in their kitchen.

5 HexClad bestsellers

5 HexClad bestsellers

Taking cues from traditional non-stick cookware, the HexClad hybrid cookware features a simple yet beautiful black and silver stainless steel design. However, the technology is quite innovative.


Metal resistant and dishwasher safe, they set the brand apart from the competition. This advanced design also extends inside out, ensuring a clean kitchen when you’re done.



Non-stick cookware is all the rage as it reduces cooking time and makes cleaning easier. In this HexClad cookware review, I dive into the best-selling pans, woks, and sets that are perfect for both home-cooked and professional meals.

HexClad 12" Hybrid HexClad Pan Review

HexClad 12 Hybrid HexClad Pan Review

First up in this Hexclad cookware test is the 12-inch hybrid pan. Perfect for family dinners, it can effortlessly prepare multiple foods at the same time. According to the brand, it can accommodate several steaks, fish fillets and a side of vegetables.


This 12-inch hybrid pan is so versatile, you might only need one for an entry-level kitchen. It works on induction, gas, ceramic and electric stovetops. HexClad’s three-layer construction ensures easy cleaning and even heat distribution.


With the hexagonal design, the valleys of the pan are non-stick coated, while the peaks are made of stainless steel. This is a great way to sear a fish fillet or sear your vegetables perfectly. The possibilities are endless with the 12-inch hybrid pan.


This model is oven safe up to 500 degrees. So if you’re cooking up a meal in a pan or want to add some extra frying to your dish, this pan will do it all in no time. It is not recommended to use metal utensils on non-stick cookware, however, these are completely scratch resistant.


A metal spatula doesn’t mind this 12-inch HexClad stainless steel skillet. It’s currently on sale for $130.

HexClad 12-inch Hybrid Grill Pan Review

HexClad 12-inch Hybrid Grill Pan Review

The 12-inch hybrid grill pan is completely flat, providing a great surface for your favorite foods. This model has identical non-stick properties as the others in this HexClad cookware test and also works on all of the same stovetops.


This HexClad grill pan is ideal for pancakes, eggs, bacon, crepes and more. It’s hard to go without butter and oil when preparing breakfast dishes, but the non-stick valleys mean you don’t have to use a lot.



Plus, the stay-cool handles ensure you don’t burn yourself trying to flip your pancakes like a pro. The griddle pan can do everything from reheating crunchy tortillas on taco night to making sweet or savory crepes for dessert.


The HexClad stainless steel skillet is currently sold out but typically retails for $150.

HexClad 12-inch hybrid wok review

Fancy a quick and easy stir-fry? The next product in this HexClad cookware test will come in handy. Deep enough to cook large meals, the 12-inch hybrid wok can be used for stir-fries, pad thai, sauces, pasta and more.


The depth of this fully cased HexClad wok eliminates any stovetop clutter. You can just throw ingredients away without worrying about pasta or rice flying everywhere. In addition, it is versatile because it has a flared shape that allows it to be fried. churros anyone?


There’s also no need to pre-rinse this wok at the end of the night as the non-stick technology works with your dishwasher to remove any residue. Even then, the 12-inch hybrid wok is so easy to clean that you might not even need to put it in the machine.


The regular price for the 12-inch hybrid wok is $180, but it’s currently discounted to just $99.

HexClad Cookware Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

So I was curious to see what other buyers say about their purchases. For all of their coverage and reviews of HexClad cookware in the press, the company seems to be resonating with a lot of people!


HexClad has over 4,000 verified positive reviews on its main website. The brand is praised for the quality and durability of its products. It seems that the majority of people investing in these sets are home cooks looking to upgrade.


One customer writes about the hybrid 7 piece lidded wok cookware set: “These pans are wonderful to cook with, non stick and easy to clean, easy to season etc. Highly recommend.” People love the brand and this set clearly, as it receives an average of 5 out of 5 stars from 803 reviews.


Another customer review praises the 12-inch hybrid grill pan: “I burned it in the day I got it and used it within an hour of receiving it.” The larger space means I can cook enough steaks for three cook at the same time. The pan heats evenly and my husband says it’s easy to clean. I have recommended these pans to anyone and everyone. My son even bought a set after I told him about mine.”


The cookware is also highly praised on third-party websites. On Amazon, the 12-inch hybrid pan received 4.3/5 stars from 138 reviews. A customer raved about theoutstanding performance: “This pan is amazing, I’m a professional chef and I can’t believe it’s performance.” It’s wonderful!”